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Online Classes - The Power of Somatic Intelligence


Dare to be you! Reconnect with your femininity & unleash the magic within that impacts your self-confidence & self-worth. Find your inner spice & turn your emotional intelligence into daily results.

In today's overloaded world, we often feel our ability to connect uninterruptedly to others & ourselves has been lost, not to mention our positive body image.

The female program is an opportunity to get reconnected with your true nature. To “come home” to your body, to dare to be you & unleash the magic within - no matter your culture, ethnicity or body shape. From there you can learn how to turn your emotional intelligence into influence power, impacting your personal life & leadership style. In the past these important components were just there, today we have to bring awareness to them & relearn what we used to know but have somehow forgotten, or perhaps never been taught.

The workshops are based on somatic coaching together with work to music (as needed). It means learning through the body by doing. Somatic learning is more effective because through the bodily experience we understand faster the lessons learned. The lessons are followed by dialogue (via a chat) in order to extract the insights that came up during practice, and that's where the integration starts. Somatic learning is about creating more awareness and expanding the range of possibilities. It's very powerful. This is not a dance program but a personal development program using Chen Lizra's unique somatic methodology - The 5 Elements of Somatic Intelligence. 


  • Replays of all the live classes
  • Exercises to repeat, demonstrated in the live classes
  • 6 questionnaires to fill out
  • Related text to read at your convenience
  • Supporting videos with explanations
  • A music playlist to use for exercises
  • Practice anytime, anywhere at your own pace
  • Access to a closed Facebook group hosted by Chen Lizra
  • Non-judgmental conversation and community


  • Increase your self-confidence & boost your body image
  • Let go of society and the media's expectations and learn to love yourself
  • Dare to be uniquely you
  • Unleash your self-enjoyment leading to a sense of satisfaction
  • Find your inner feminine spiciness

This class was amazing, I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to have taken this course from Chen Lizra. From the warm connection and graceful presentation given, I learned how to harness the most magical, and mystical energy , the power of presence, being happy inside and being comfortable to share that inner joy with others in the most inspiring ways was profound. I really enjoyed the live classes ,examples shared and the feedback Chen offered during the classes was very beneficial to help us to really get the message being conveyed. This is definitely what’s missing in the world today and what a beauty to see it being shared . Thank you Chen Lizra and staff for making it all possible for us to partake. Peace & blessings
— Brandy I