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The Power of the Cuban Spirit - Boutique Cuba Tour with Chen Lizra


Trip depends on minimum number of attendees. Please e-mail us if you'd like to be selected for a specific tour, for hotel upgrades, or if you have any other questions.

Trip depends on minimum number of attendees. Please e-mail us if you'd like to be selected for a specific tour, for hotel upgrades, or if you have any other questions.

We chase careers, fulfillment, owning a house, cars, raising kids and giving them a comfortable future, we want more and more, but with that more comes a sacrifice. We get addicted to the race, to the stress, to doing without knowing anymore how to stop. Does it really make us happy? Are we really satisfied with life? Do we know how to really enjoy the journey and not just the end goal?

I invite you to come with me one on one to Cuba to experience this unique culture through my eyes. For 11 years I have been investigating what developed in Cuba from a human perspective - a country that did not follow society's trajectory, model of the Western World and capitalism. As such it became a case study and a human laboratory for alternative living, connecting and enjoying life.

Join me for a unique experience that will change how you view the world and your priorities. Let me show you the magic!



Day 1 – Havana
Arrive in Havana at any time from anywhere in the world.
Day 2 – Havana
Havana panoramic city tour and Hemingway hot spots.
Day 3 – Viñales
Visit to the province of Pinar del Rio - a tobacco farm, guided tour of the Viñales area and other attractions. 
Day 4 – Cayo Levisa
Enjoy this little hidden cayo, its beautiful beach & tranquility - staying at the Cayo Levisa hotel
Day 5 - Cayo Levisa
Havana - Spend a full day on the beach relaxing and snorkeling and then head back to Havana all relaxed and ready for your adventure.
Day 6 - Havana
Dance classes (or pick a different passion) and discover old Havana's hot spots.
Day 7 - Havana
Dance classes (or pick a different passion) and exploring Vedado and the local markets.
Day 8 - Havana
Dance classes (or pick a different passion) followed by a short trip to the pampering local beach.
Day 9 - Cienfuegos - Trinidad
Drive along the Caribbean waters to Trinidad, stop on the way at the famous Bay of Pigs, visit charming Cienfuegos, and enjoy Trinidad's nightlife.
Day 10 - Trinidad
A local city tour in charming Trinidad followed by some free time for exploration. 
Day 11 Trinidad - Santa Clara - Cayo Guillermo
A quick stop at Santa Clara to visit the Che monument and from there to one of Cuba's most pampering cayos - 4 star hotel/ all inclusive plan
Day 12 – Cayo Guillermo
Spend a full day in the beautiful Cayo Guillermo in search of the famous pink flamingos - 4 star hotel/ all inclusive plan
Day 13– Cayo Guillermo - Havana
Drive back to Havana for a final your night.


Age range: 30-60 years young (those out of age range can still be considered if they fit the tour style).

There are a couple of features that really make the boutique tour stand out:

  • Traveling with Chen Lizra one on one, seeing the culture through her eyes
  • The tour is especially made for those who do not like group tours and you can break free of the group and opt out of activities. We promise, no sour faces!
  • The selection process ensures that you end up with like minded people who most likely will become your friends for life
  • Traveling with diverse adventurers from all over the world

Each person gets hand picked for the tour in order to ensure a good fit with the trip's style and the rest of the group.

By nature authentic Cuba is somewhat messy yet charming - unexpected things can happen, new regulations by the government can change the tour's design after it's been purchased, and bookings that have been made half a year before can be bumped by government agencies. Making things work perfectly in Cuba is close to impossible.

Yet what happens along the way, as things fall a bit apart, is what makes traveling in Cuba such an exciting adventure. Cubans tend to joke about such situations with:"Bienvenidos a Cuba." As if to say 'What can you do, it's the way things are here, so let's have fun with it.'

As a result, each traveler goes through a personal interview to make sure that he/she fits with the off-the-beaten-track kind of an adventure, and can fit well with the rest of the travelers.

If you'd like to be considered to be selected, just click on PICK ME and let's start the process.