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Marrakesh riad

Power of Somatic Intelligence Retreats

Traveling in Cuba is not easy because of the way the system works. Rarely do things work exactly according to plan no matter how well you plan it or how much money you have. This is why it's so important to have someone who understands your needs and the local mentality, someone who can resolve all the problems in the background while you enjoy your wonderful mojitos and relax. Since 2005 Chen Lizra has developed the most incredible connections and network in Cuba. She can arrange a variety of activities all across the country, based on your liking. Traveling with her will give you a unique view of the island and the historic changes taking place in the past decade. She can either plan your tour, select her to join on of her boutique tours, or organize a VIP 5 stars tour for you in Cuba. Check when the next boutique tour leaves for Cuba in the EVENTS button below. 


Keynote Speaking

If you have a special event and need a unique interactive lecture, we'd love to hear from you. Lectures can be tailored or developed especially for your event in various areas, such as, 'Creativity, Innovation & Workplace Culture,' 'Love & Relationships,' 'Motivation and Inspiration,' 'Leadership', and more. One of the unique features of Chen Lizra's speeches is her ability to make the audience feel what she is talking about in a somatic way (through the body). On top of that her ability to dance as a professional dancer adds a unique flavour to her talks. Chen welcomes travel invitations. 

Chen Lizra

Somatic Intelligence Life Coaching

Chen's personal journey and trauma have inspired her to explore, over the years, many disciplines in order to understand, first of all, her own psychological making, and later gain tools to help others. What makes her stand out is her ability to step away from what we think and step into what we feel, through our bodies, changing behavioural patterns and developing Somatic Intelligence. Over a decade in the animation industry and the burn out she felt pushed her towards investigating work live balance, vitality and motivation. Chen uses her own one-of-a-kind method combined with knowledge from disciplines such as embodiment, Laban Movement Analysis, cognitive coaching  and Landmark Education. Topping it with body work inspired by Cuban dance, zen meditation, 5 rhythms, contact improvisation, martial arts, and more.  She works with individuals, organizations and events, and welcomes travel invitations.

The power of the sabrosura retreat

Somatic Intelligence for Women

The female workshops range from 2 hours to a week. They focus on developing female Somatic Intelligence, teaching women how to connect to their femininity and full power.  We work on the 5 elements of Somatic Intelligence changing behavioural patterns and self-awareness. The skills impact 5 main areas - confidence, meaning, enjoyment, love and playfulness - the very elements that affect our sense of satisfaction, inner happiness, emotional sturdiness, and success in our personal and professional lives. 


somatic Intelligence for Business

One of the most important skills for our success are our human skills. Somatic Intelligence is emotional intelligence taught through the body, through experiencing. It develops somatic awareness and deepens connections. In the technological world of today where we need to spend our energy is on developing our human skills.  


Somatic Intelligence in Online Classes

A beginner program for women from the comfort of your home, any place, any time. This program teaches via videos, text and other supporting materials, the 5 elements of Somatic Intelligence. It gives practical tools affecting confidence, meaning, enjoyment, love and playfulness, with specific applications for business, in romantic situations, and for developing a healthy body image. 

Dare to be you! Reconnect with your femininity & unleash the magic within that impacts your self-confidence & self-worth. Find your inner spice & turn your emotional intelligence into daily results.