Chen Lizra

Chen's personal journey has inspired her to explore, over the years, many disciplines in order to understand, first of all, her own psychological making, and later gain tools to help others. What makes her stand out is her ability to step away from what we think and step into what we feel, through our bodies, changing behavioural patterns and developing Somatic Intelligence. Over a decade in the animation industry and the burn out she felt pushed her towards investigating work live balance, vitality and motivation. Chen uses her own one-of-a-kind method combined with knowledge from disciplines such as embodiment, Laban Movement Analysis, cognitive coaching  and Landmark Education. Topping it with body work inspired by Cuban dance, zen meditation, 5 rhythms, contact improvisation, martial arts, and more.  She works with individuals, organizations and events, and welcomes travel invitations.

You want to be successful personally and professionally. Chen Lizra avoids the pitfalls of business skills & techniques & instead takes you to heart of the matter:  the human factor.  Your relationship with yourself & your body, your relationships with others. The body, our primary home, is where we learn to love, trust, and act.  Chen brings you home, & restores connection. Then she unleashes your confidence, the bridge to relationships. Emboldened & unstoppable, you take off for your highest reach. Her approach is deceptively simple, like all allegories that touch on archetypal stories.  I attended Chen’s workshop in New York, Odysseus came to mind, our quest for home & journey, opening us to endless depth & possibilities.

Esther Perel - Psychologist & relationship expert, 2 x TED speaker & author of Mating in Captivity


I attended Chen's workshop, which happened to be part of the fair on Mindfulness, Freedom and Letting Go. Her words inspired me from the first second, while her personality pleads admiration. I said to myself, this is a true woman that I would wish to even slightly become like in reality, one day. How does she manage to make it look so effortlessly? I personally believe that Chen's work is magic. After our very first private meeting I started to notice the tremendous change inside me. I have been very precise in implementing all the tools she kindly shared with me. Having spent some time and having gone through quite a few experiences together, each time I notice how much I learn, how diverse her approach is, how deep her goodwill is and how sensitive her intuition is. She manages to nourish your soul, clear your mind, making you accept yourself the way you are, showing you how fun it is to listen, love and appreciate yourself. Her glow stays with you all week long, and best of it is that it gives you courage to take steps to new and healthy beginnings, even in very little things. Her approach is holistic – seeing one fully and completely. She is compassionate and very professional. She makes you believe in yourself every day more and more. You grow into this new perception and it becomes part of you, while slowly but determinately opening the doors that have seemed impossible to be arrive at before. Thank you, Chen.


I just wanted to send you an email to share something that happened to me this morning. I have been doing my homework. I Carry a sticky pad with me. I was sitting on the bus today and I was listening to music and I had this moment, I was thinking about myself as a person and I saw myself objectively for the first time in my life I could not describe the feeling but all I know is that I wanted to hysterically cry on the top of my lungs cause my heart felt so warm and I felt this Immense amount of gratitude I think for the first time I actually felt the feeling you describe as self love for like a good 5 minutes. I felt so complete in the moment and just good enough in that moment. And I saw myself in such a different light. I really wanted to share that with you. Thanks for being you!


Dear Chen, I do not have enough words to thank you for the path I got to travel together with you. Our many conversations showed me the light at the end of the tunnel and opened my eyes to places I did not even dare dream or say out loud. Now, having come a long way, there's something new and I am ready and willing to face and fight for my dreams using a blueprint and tools you equipped me with. The feeling is full of hope, motivation and curiosity. Although I expect the road to still be long, but it would have not existed if you had not offered me a helping hand, pulling and pushing me into a critical momentum. While writing these words, I am flooded by memories from the beginning, and right now I do not have a sense of frustration and self-hatred in me, but self-esteem and a lot of hope.  I'll see you again of course. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


I'm amazed by Chen! She is dynamic, thorough and authentic. She takes keen interest in understanding one's needs and formulates the plan accordingly. Her methods are comprehensive, and produce amazing results. I have appreciated Chen’s ability to guide me in a logical way through decisions by allowing me to be an active participant in this process, and to hold me accountable. I was amazed and delighted that she also stressed on body language which is the key to connecting with others during presentations, which was my goal. She not only taught me body movements of sabrosura but the philosophy behind them. The process was fun! And on top of that she offered me one of her fortes – a woman's ability to connect with another from a soft, feminine and containing place. I thought I was incapable of possessing it. I now know that, the way Chen teaches it, allure is crucial for defining one’s persona and their influence in this world, from a place of an authentic connection.

All of this became possible because of Chen's intellect, knowledge of the subject matter, wisdom, authenticity and hard work. I am proud and grateful to have the opportunity to know her and to learn from her. Aristotle said, all bets are off if the teacher is not good. Chen is an excellent life coach. I feel that having the opportunity to know and learn from her is one of the awesome events that took place in the last few months in my life. I would recommend Chen to anyone who is committed to personal development. Additionally, I plan to continue to foster my skills based on Chen’s teachings. I look forward to continuing my journey with her of growth through her unique methodology.